The Types of Answering Services You Need to Know
When we talk about answering service, we are not talking about a new concept. It is not possible to describe answering service as a new concept by any standards. This service is accorded as a company desires to hire a service provider to screen, take calls and then pass basic information to callers after which they pass the messages. These services are also used in taking orders, scheduling appointments, and provision of product support. Although the services for phone answering are not new, the technology behind them is always changing for the better. Again, the capabilities of the services are changing all the time. This is due to the advances made in technology uptake. The answer services are divided into several categories. The categories include automated answering service, internet answering service, live answering service and call center.

Callers can leave messages where automated answering services are used. The callers can also get information as they are guided by voice prompts. The voice prompts may require the caller to press certain keys or numbers so as to get specific information.  These services are relevant to the callers who are merely calling so as to get general information. The costing of these calls is also cheaper as compared to others. There is no comparison I costing with a live conversation call since the automated systems are cheaper to use. Although this is a good thing going for automated answering calls, their shortcoming is that it may not be able to offer an interactive experience to the caller. This is because it doesn't have the flexibility and personal touch that is common with live answering systems. Get more details from

When you consider the live answering service, you are looking at a service that offers the caller the rare opportunity to have their calls and needs addressed at an individual and personalized level. The caller feels like they are conversing with a person and not a machine. There are so many times that the caller is not able to know that the calls are redirected to the answering service. This is because the caller can have their particular issues solved in an effective manner.  Again, the operator is able to decide on the urgent calls and give them immediate attention like sending them immediately. This is a service with the ability to give the solo entrepreneurs a more professional appearance as pertains to their business but you can see AnswerFirst.